Líder religiosa entra a OnlyFans y deja atrás su fe cristiana


Una pastora se convirtió en stripper y a través de redes sociales anunció que «está más feliz que nunca» al dejar atrás su labor como líder religiosa para abrir una cuenta en OnlyFans. Su nombre es Nikole Mitchell y su vida dio un giro de 180 grados, pues pasó de tener una vida cristiana a trabajar como bailarina erótica.

Según su relato al New York Post, Nikole siempre había soñado con ser stripper, pero su familia no veía con buenos ojos sus sueños, y la adoctrinaron par creer que sus deseos eran pecaminosos y malos. Al crecer pensando que sus sueños eran pecado, Nikole decidió ser pastora, aunque en su familia tampoco lo veían bien pues no creían que una mujer debería ser líder.

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En el 2016, Mitchell empezó a cuestionarse su sexualidad y notó que no era heterosexual. Pero si revelaba esto, no sería vista con buenos ojos dentro de la iglesia. Por eso en el 2017 se alejó de la religión y empezó a tener sesiones de fotos desnuda, momentos que le ayudaron a sentirse liberada.


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You can say no. An old friend reached out to me asking if I wanted to join her business. This friend has a beautiful soul, so I know whatever business she has, it must be equally beautiful. Even still, I knew my answer right away: “No.” I thanked her for thinking of me, & that I am grateful to be fully living out my purpose & don’t have interest in joining her business. I wished her the best, told her she deserved it, & meant every word. /// The old Nikole would have freaked out at (a) saying no & (b) for being so direct about it. But this Nikole? This Nikole felt good about it. I know who I am. I know what I am here to do. And there’s no need to feel guilty about that. /// She messaged me back, & you know what she said? “Thank you.” In fact, she said: “Thank you for actually giving me an answer. You have no idea how much I love that. So many people say, “I’ll look at it and see” but I know they really mean no but they can’t come out & say it. So thank you. And thank you so much for your verbal support. It means a lot.” /// Me saying no didn’t make me a bad person or ruin her day. In fact, it blessed her day! And it blessed mine that she would think I’d be a good fit for her business (that’s a compliment!) & take the time out of her busy life to message me. The moral of the story? You can say no. You’re allowed to say no. People are blessed by your no. And you both can move on with your day with clean energy, zero guilt & without an empty promise hanging over your head. And you’ll feel much, much better for it. ❤️❤️❤️ P.S. Did you know I’m hosting a LIVE training this coming Monday to spill the beans (wow, haven’t said that in ages) on how I grew my IG following from 900 to 10,000 in just a matter of months? It’s true! No ads. No boosting. No paid followers. I grew my following organically, authentically, & consistently – with 1,000+ new followers every month! And I want the same thing for you! Bigger platform = bigger reach, more opportunities, & a whole lotta open doors! Join me Monday to learn all about it! Link in bio! 📸: @archlenzphotography

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Actualmente, Nikole dio un nuevo paso y aterrizó en la plataforma OnlyFans donde comparte contenido erótico con sus seguidores que poco a poco van creciendo.


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It was a year ago today that I embarked on a journey of full self-expression – & who knew that just shy of a year later my story would be picked up by the @NYPost & would go viral within 24 hours! Thousands of new followers (👋🏾😊 hi!), getting close to almost 100 new Only Fans members (heyyy😘), new course students, 1:1 applicants, an invitation to be on Jimmy Kimmel again, & so much more!!! /// The lead-up to this didn’t happen overnight. I consistently showed up, put myself out there, took leaps of faith, left old identities, stepped into truer identities, invested in support, AND DID THE (INNER) WORK. I stayed the course even when I was scared. I trusted myself even when I felt crazy. I loved myself even when others didn’t. I held onto the vision I had for my life & I let that vision be bigger than all my fears. I tuned into that still small voice within me & let it be louder than all the opinions around me. I took inspired, aligned action & left all the “shoulds, oughts, and supposed to’s” behind me. And it all brought me to this point: Where I feel so safe to be me. Where I’m happy to be me. Where I’m free to be me. Where authenticity & integrity get to go hand in hand for me. Where my insides match my outsides. Where my joy matches my peace. Where my purpose meets my passion. Where my vision meets my everyday life. Where being me gets to be loved, supported, & always rewarded. ☝🏾This is what is most important. The fame & media attention gets to be the icing on the cake.😉 /// My word for you tonight? >>>Trust the nudges in your heart<<< You can’t see the dots connecting going forward, but you see it all so clearly looking backward. Your job? Is to trust yourself. Step into the unknown. And let that tug lead you all the way home. You will not be disappointed. I promise.❤️ It is so, so worth it – & YOU are so deserving of it. Happy One Year Anniversary to me to living fully unleashed & expressed. Thank you to everyone who’s loved & supported me on this journey. I truly wouldn’t be here without you. So so grateful for you. Here’s to being the free humxns we were always born to be.🙌🏾🔥🥰 Xoxo. Nikole❤️ 📸: @wsierraphotography

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